Tweens & Technology Report 2013-McAfee Survey Shows Rise in The Online Activities Of Indian Tweens Part II

As promised in my previous blog, this one is solely to share with you all the relevant findings of the McAfee India survey titled, “Tweens and Technology Report 2013”. There are so many interesting points that have surfaced that I felt it extremely worthwhile to share it with you here.

McAfee’s Tweens & Technology Report 2013- India

Daily dose of internet usage/ online hours has become a must for tweens.

a)      53% of online tweens are online daily between 1-3 hours

b)      One in three tweens would miss the internet and their phone if it was missing for a day

c)       Tweens are online for approximately 2 hours a day and 45% of online tweens are online later than 8pm

d)      Within 4 hours (from 5 pm to 9 pm) 76% use internet while 23% of tweens online till after  9pm

On an average, online tweens in India are using between 3-4 devices that can be internet enabled – laptop, mobile & desktop predominantly.

a)      61% of tweens are spending 1-4 hours daily on desktop

b)      40% of Tweens use tablets and 68% use mobile to access the internet, so mobile is important

Tweens have a clear preference for not only the devices used for internet connectivity but also the type of activity on these devices. So while desktop is preferred mainly for home work, tablets are dominant when it comes to exchanging pictures and playing games.

a)      70% use desktop for home work related stuff compared to 38% using tablet

b)      49% use tablets for playing games & exchanging pictures compared to 40% using desktop

c)       22% tweens spend 2-4 hours every day on Xbox

Smartphone/ Mobile:

Internet access is still predominantly PC/laptop based, however, mobile is important – 40% of Tweens use tablets and 68% use mobile to access the internet

a)      16% of tweens are spending more than 4 hours each day on smartphones/ mobile

b)      9 out of 10 tweens use mobile phone (89%) and tablets (91%) to play games

c)       Only 15% of tweens use phone for home- work related aspects

In terms of social networking platforms, FB is by far the most popular site, followed by Skype and Twitter. FB is used significantly more than Skype and Twitter

a)      Top 3 ranking in terms of usage – 70%- Facebook, 44%- Skype and 27%- Twitter 

b)      All sites (especially Facebook) are more popular with older Tweens 10-12 years old (FB usage ranges from 58% for 8 year olds to 79% for 12 year olds)

c)       88% of FB users use FB to share photos of themselves while 73% use it to share photos family & friends

d)      Almost half of the tweens surveyed share information about themselves over FB (41%)

e)      This year, Skype has emerged as more widely used than twitter whereby one out of two tweens uses Skype compared to one out of four who uses twitter

Facebook facts-

i.  89% of the parents are friends with their child on Facebook, signifying parents generally know what’s going on

ii.  89% of Tweens using Facebook have their parents’ permission to use the site

iii. 73% of Tweens using Facebook asked their parents to be their friend

iv. 83% of Tweens feel it is okay for them to be using Facebook because their parents are

v.  70% of tweens were taught to use Facebook by the parents.  52% were taught by friends

vi.  88% of users share photos of themselves on facebook, 73% photos of family & friends, 59% events and 59% information about themselves


With Facebook, a significant number of parents are handholding their kids on the platform by assisting them in setting up their account and monitoring their activities. But parents apply internet rules in terms usage and timings very strictly, much to the dislike of tweens.


a)      89% of online tweens have parental permission to use the site

b)      89% of online tweens are also friends with their parents on FB

c)       70% of online tweens say their parents showed them how to use Facebook

d)      57% claim they were helped by their parents when setting up one of their account

e)      89% of tweens using Facebook have their parents’ permission to use

f)       87% of parents place limits on online usage

g)      53% of parents remove online devices from tweens bedrooms at night

h)      49% of online tweens are frustrated by these rules

A disturbing trend on the rise among tweens is their apathy towards their own online safety.

i)        58% of the surveyed tweens use risky / low level security passwords online.

j)        41% of the tweens surveyed share information about themselves over FB

It is not uncommon for tweens to be exposed to online nastiness; however, a good thing is that they are not passive observers.

a)      12 year olds are more likely to have seen nasty comments online than 8 year olds (33% vs. 16%)

b)       1 in 4 (27%) of online tweens has seen as nasty common directed at them or a friend online, While 21% did nothing , most of the tweens who have witnessed online cruelty either told a friend (49%), told parent (46%), told teacher (20%), told family member(20%) or  someone else or looked onto internet for help rather than doing nothing

They are becoming more trusting of the virtual world to familiarise themselves with unknown people, in spite of being aware that it is risky

a)      36% of online tweens have spoken to someone online that they didn’t previously know

b)      12 year olds are more likely to chat with strangers than 8 year olds (40% vs. 25%)

c)       22% of online tweens have shared personal information online – 26% who did share this did not think it to be risky

McAfee’s Tween & Technology Report 2013 was conducted through a survey administered across Indian online tweens aged 8-12 years old comprising 572 male and 428 female respondents from Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Delhi.



Tweens & Technology Report 2013-McAfee Survey Shows Rise in the Online Activities of Indian Tweens Part I

Every evening, during my daily walk, I see my society kids taking a breather from their energetic games by checking out new songs, videos, posts and pics on each others’ mobile phones.  I often find their little heads almost conjoined over a smartphone screen, giggling and commenting over whatever it is they happen to be watching. Suddenly one gets the urge to click a selfie or a groupie and I know that all these snaps would be already uploaded by the time I reach home. I am friends with these kids on Facebook.

It’s not a phenomenon unique to my city. Across India, kids are becoming more and more hooked to gadgets and discovering the wonders of the net. And at much younger ages. The Internet gives them the power to do what was unheard of-try flight simulators, play online games, read books, watch videos, chat, share, make new friends, study, learn… the possibilities are endless!! How can then kids remain untouched by this mother of all excitement?

The latest McAfee survey, titled “Tweens & Technology Report 2013 “endorses that. They survey covers 1000 tweens in the age group of 8-12 across tier I cities in India. It reveals that Indian tweens are online for about 2 hours daily and 45% of them are online later than 8pm. Facebook, Skype and twitter happen to be the top three social media sites for kids, with Skype marking a phenomenal growth in popularity, with one out of two tweens using it.

The choice of Internet access also throws interesting light on the future trend in gadget preference. While currently 61% of tweens spend 1-4 hours daily on desktop, about 40% use tablets and 68% use mobile. Clearly, mobile phones are here to stay and prosper. Another interesting fact thrown up is that while they use the desktop for homework and projects, tablets are dominant when it comes to exchanging pictures and playing games.

What troubles me is that these kids access the net without knowing or giving importance to the importance of strong passwords or the need to keep personal information off the grid. The survey reveals that 58% of the respondents use risky / low level security passwords while almost 50% have shared personal information on Facebook! In addition, 88% share photos of themselves. Further, 36% of them have admitted to chatting with complete strangers! Let’s keep in mind here that 13 is the official entry age on Facebook.

But the redeeming factor is that most kids said that their parents have helped them join Facebook and 73% of tweens using Facebook have requested their parents to be their friend. Thumbs up for the kids!

Parents are also playing quite a proactive role in keeping kids safe online. Much to the kids’ chagrin, parents are strict about applying internet rules. Moreover, 87% of parents place limits on online usage while 53% do not allow kids to take their devices to their bedrooms at night. I applaud that! The findings are a great eye-opener and a wonderful set of talking points for parents and educators to start talking internet safety with kids, if they have not already done so, or have further discussions on it if they have been in the habit of communicating with kids on this issue.

As always, remember the three mantras for internet safety- STOP… THINK… CONNECT

To read the entire survey findings check out my blog titled “Tweens & Technology Report 2013-McAfee Survey Shows Rise in the Online Activities of Indian Tweens Part II”