Importance of Renewing Your Security Software on a Regular Basis (Part II)

Let’s start by refreshing all that we discovered in my previous blog, where I was telling Reena about harmful malwares and the necessity to install a comprehensive security solution.

A computer virus is a code that is designed to enter a computer and affect its functioning. It’s a program that can replicates itself, causing the computer to become a zombie, spreading virus to other systems and allowing cyber crooks to access personal data stored on the device or even corrupt the system.

With the prolific use of smartphones and tabs, hackers and cyber crooks are designing programs targeting these devices.

So, if a computer, tab or smartphone is unprotected, there is a high chance for the device to get infected. It is therefore necessary to keep the “auto update” feature ON.

Today there are several security softwares available in the market and many vendors also offer them free online. There are two important things to remember in this context:

  1. Free antivirus software usually offer a very basic level of protection and may not be capable of identifying and isolating all kinds of viruses
  2. These solutions may not offer regular updates to protect your device against new malware

On the other hand, comprehensive security softwares offer a whole array of services, including blocking of spams and pop-ups, removal of spyware, detection of viruses, tracking lost devices, remote removal of data, password management, website advisor, parental controls etc.

You can compare your security software to a defence shield- protecting your gadgets from the onslaught of crooks, offering 24/7 protection to the device by preventing the entry of malware. It scans your mails and programs, checks websites you want to visit, and examines content of attachments or links to determine safety quotient. With an updated security solution on your device, you will be in safe hands for it will be like your knight in armour- clearing the way for you to proceed safely, whenever you go online.

Remember, you may miss out the signs of a malware but your security software will not.

Now I am sure you have realized that your security solution is quite like those ‘flu shots we take to keep the ‘flu virus at bay. If you don’t have any security solution running on your devices, do get one today. And preferably opt for a comprehensive solution.

If you have multiple devices at home, go for a product that offers cross-device protection,  so that just one purchase will be enough to protect all your devices, including desktop, laptop, tab and smartphone. The biggest advantage is time and cost saving. Moreover, you don’t have to set parental controls separately for all devices; you can manage it all from one place.

Before you install a new security software, you will have to uninstall any existing one else your device’s performance will suffer.

Dear readers, keep this in mind. Security software is not ornamental; it serves a very important purpose. It keeps your devices and your online involvement safe. While on the subject, when your OS provider wants to install updates, don’t postpone that either. Safety always comes first.

Stay safe online folks!!


Zombie: A computer that has been compromised by a virus or Trojan horse that puts it under the remote control of an online hijacker. The hijacker uses it to generate spam or makes the computer unusable to the owner, and the user is usually unaware that their computer has been compromised. Generally, a compromised machine is only one of many in a botnet, and will be used to perform malicious tasks under remote direction.


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